How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally?

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally?

December 5, 2021

Color changes to your teeth happen subtly to give them a yellowish hue. Your teeth may appear yellow or darkened as you age. The yellow shade of your teeth becomes evident as the outer enamel wears off to make the yellow dentin beneath more visible. The second layer of calcified tissue underneath the enamel is called the dentin.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you undoubtedly have alternatives to traditional methods. However, when whitening your teeth at home, you must be careful with the products. If you use the products incorrectly or too much on one occasion, your tooth enamel may wear down faster, putting you at risk of cavities and sensitivity.

Safe and Natural Methods for Teeth Whitening at Home

If you are looking for safe and natural methods of whitening your teeth at home instead of seeking treatment from the dentist in Torbay, here are some techniques to get rid of the yellow hue over your teeth. You help yourself by choosing a few treatments and rotating them throughout the week. Some recommendations mentioned below do not have sufficient evidence to support them but are proven effective by anecdotes. It would be best to experiment to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Brushing Your Teeth

Your primary action plan should be to brush your teeth more often using proper techniques. Brushing after consuming foods causing yellow stains on your teeth is especially important. However, you must remain cautious about brushing immediately after having acidic foods or drinks because the acids can cause enamel erosion.

Brushing is a crucial part of maintaining excellent oral hygiene, making it essential for you to brush two times per day for two minutes each, ensuring that you get into all cracks and crevices. You must use a circular motion when brushing to ensure you are protecting your gums. Brush the internal and external surfaces of the teeth doing a thorough job. A 2018 study confirms that using an electric toothbrush may effectively remove surface stains.

You can also consider using a whitening toothpaste scientifically proven to whiten your smile. Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives to scrub the teeth for surface stain removal. Products available on the market are effective while being gentle to offer safety.

Foods That Help to Whiten Teeth Naturally

You can whiten yellow teeth by eating raw fruits and vegetables containing high water content because they can keep your teeth healthy. In addition, the water content in the future and vegetables helps with plaque and bacteria cleansing that are often responsible for yellow teeth.

Chewing crunchy fruits and vegetables helps your dental and oral health, although sufficient scientific evidence to support these claims isn’t available. However, eating these foods throughout the day is not likely to cause you any harm.

Besides the two suggestions in this article, you can come across many so-called natural remedies promoted by people and online media claiming they are safe and natural treatments to whiten yellow teeth. Unfortunately, sufficient scientific evidence isn’t available to authenticate the claims. Therefore you must exercise caution before using any remedy to achieve a brighter smile without consulting your dentist.

You may receive various suggestions such as using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal or using lemon, orange, or banana peels to whiten your teeth. However, while these remedies have anecdotal evidence, they can damage tooth enamel to leave you with more concerns than necessary.

If you want to whiten your yellow teeth naturally, an excellent technique is to use the two methods described in this article because we are not suggesting unsubstantiated remedies. Having fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly healthy, and brushing your teeth is recommended by dentists as the optimal method of keeping your teeth appearing whiter and brighter.

Suppose you fail to achieve your goal of whitening yellow teeth at home. You can consider visiting teeth whitening in Torbay, where a dentist provides safe and effective teeth whitening treatments to give you a brighter smile lasting approximately six months to three years.

Suppose you want more information on natural teeth whitening methods for yellow teeth. You must schedule an appointment with Smiles of Canada — Torbay, where the professional can help you achieve your goal.

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