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Most people will lose a few teeth during their life. This can be caused by decay, serious injuries, or lack of space within the mouth. No matter the reason, you will have to rely on dental implants in such situations.

In case you lost all your lower or upper teeth, you will need to get full implants. Smiles of Canada can place All-on-Four® dental implants in such situations. Our dental office provides services to Mississauga, Brandon, Torbay, Gander patients, and beyond. Besides implants, Smiles of Canada can perform other dental procedures for you and your family.

What are All-on-Four® dental implants?

These implants are only suitable when you lose all your upper or lower teeth. They are a great alternative to dentures, as they are more permanent, and they look much more realistic.

Dental implants rely on titanium screws to keep them attached to the gums. When you get All-on-Four® dental implants, you won’t have to replace each tooth separately, but you can replace the whole section at the same time.

Of course, these implants are not suitable in all situations. You don’t want to get them if you’re missing just a few teeth. However, they are ideal when most of them are missing.

During the procedure, a dental professional will create 4 holes in your gums. Metal crews carrying a permanent denture will then be screwed into these holes. Everything should fit well so that you don’t have to remove anything or to think about dentures falling out of place.

What are the main advantages of All-on-Four®?

These dental implants provide a great, permanent solution that will restore your confidence. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider getting them:

  • A patient can replace the whole upper or lower section of teeth in just one surgery.
  • It is much cheaper to get All-on-Four® dental implants than to replace teeth one by one.
  • By having just 4 implants, you can replace the whole section of teeth.
  • Great thing about these implants is that you can usually avoid bone grafting.

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