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Meet Our Doctor

Grimsby Dentist

Our patients come to Smiles of Canada for preventive care, Invisalign®, restoration, and emergency dentistry, because we care about our patients. We care about our patients first and foremost. At our dental clinic our staff is on hand and can provide gentle care in a reliable, peaceful setting. We’ll be ready no matter what you need from basic cleaning and checkups, dental implant work, surgeries, or other dental services. Your personal needs will be our sole priority, as our other customers attest to.

When You Need a Dentist Near Me

We are always committed to your care. Our first loyalty is to you, the patient. Our caring team is dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your care and service. From your annual checkup to the most in-depth procedures, we are here to see you with a gentle approach and always remain sympathetic to your personal needs. When you need to find an emergency dentist office nearby, our expert dentists are available and able to solve the problem. We are ready at a moment’s notice to provide the utmost care if you need emergency dentistry.

We also offer preventative care. The key to a healthy smile is performing proper preventative care regularly. During a preventative care visit, we work to help you have a baseline that is ready to continue the proper oral hygiene needed to care for a happy and healthy smile. By getting routine oral health examinations and then doing the proper maintenance to thwart tooth decay, plaque accumulation, and enamel loss, we can work together to prevent more serious complications later down the road.

Our First Concern is Always You

You have found the right dentist if you are looking for a Grimsby dentist that works to manage your pain and cares about your smile. We continue to be the dentist that cares, and we are famous for our concern for your well-being.

From standard care to more complicated procedures, our knowledgeable dental staff is dedicated to helping you have a joyous, beautiful smile in a stress-free setting. At Grimsby Smiles Dentistry, we’re your Grimsby dentist!

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