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Needing to find an “oral surgeon near me” can be a scary proposition. However, even though having surgery can be scary and difficult at times, a surgical dentist can often save your smile and oral health. Certain issues can’t be treated with typical dental applications, such as needing surgery for maxillofacial issues like a cleft palate or tongue-tied.

It’s important when you’re looking for a “dental surgeon near me” to talk with them about the unique issue you’re facing so that you know the risks upfront and whether an oral surgeon dentist is necessary or if other options are available.

Types of Oral Surgery

When most of us think of oral surgery, we think of a dental surgeon cutting open our gums or performing some complicated and invasive procedure. While this is sometimes true, many common oral surgery types aren’t nearly as painful, invasive, or complex; it depends on each patient’s specific condition and circumstances.

The most common of all types of oral surgery is tooth extraction. Usually, an oral surgeon is needed for a more complex extraction, such as a wisdom tooth extraction. In these cases, the patient is sedated or unconscious, so there is no issue with pain or being awake while the procedure is performed.

Another common procedure that involves oral surgery is the installation of dental implants. This procedure may sometimes involve bone or gum grafts as well. Installation of titanium posts that support the prosthetic crown is done by a surgeon in combination with your dentist.

Periodontal or gum surgery and corrective jaw surgery are somewhat less common but are sometimes necessary to correct gum disease, recession, or issues relating to biting or TMJ.

Lastly, oral surgery is sometimes used to treat conditions like sleep apnea, more specifically obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimes we can treat this condition with a simple dental apparatus, but in cases where that is unsuccessful, it may be necessary to perform surgery to correct the issue.

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