TMJ Treatment in Mississauga, Gander, Brandon, Torbay & Grimsby

Suppose you’re experiencing unexplained jaw pain and have reached the point of seeking jaw pain treatment. In that case, you may consider looking into temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ and whether or not that is the condition you are dealing with. Thankfully there are a few different TMJ treatments that may be available, and not all of them are invasive or involve surgery if you have issues with being put under. If you search for a “TMJ specialist near me,” you’ll find your local TMJ specialist in Mississauga, Brandon, Erin Mills, Gander, Grimsby & Torbay has the options you’re looking for.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is essentially a dysfunction of the jawbone that leads to people having difficulty opening or closing the jaw. It can lead to the mouth being stuck open or closed if left completely untreated.

There are many causes of TMJ, and depending on which one is the culprit in your unique situation will determine which treatment option is the right choice for you.

In many cases, the issue is caused by tightness or stiffening of the muscles in the jaw. These muscles can contract, making it difficult to open or close the mouth. Muscle tension, in turn, can be caused by clenching and grinding of teeth at night.

The other major cause of TMJ is an improper position of the jaw. When the jaw does not rest properly, it can become difficult to move properly and even become completely unhinged. This can be caused by injury to the jaw or poor oral habits in youth.

TMJ Dental Treatment Options

Your dentist can typically provide some relief from the symptoms of TMJ. Suppose the problem is caused by the tightening of the muscles in the jaw. In that case, your dentist may prescribe an oral application that prevents clenching and grinding of teeth, as well as injections of a chemical like BOTOX® to loosen the jaw muscles and restore mobility.

If the cause is related to the position of the jaw, then it is more likely to need surgery to reset the jaw’s position back to its natural state and restore its range of motion.

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