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Dental Hygiene in Brandon, Gander, Mississauga & Torbay

Every person needs to learn about the benefits of good oral hygiene. In fact, the process should start with the parents as they need to instill all these lessons into their children. Smiles of Canada can help with this and any other dental issues that you might have. We serve patients located in Brandon, Mississauga, Torbay, Gander, and beyond.

Even if you’re doing everything right, there is still a chance you will experience cavities, gum diseases, and other issues. This is why you need to go for regular checkups and to perform periodic teeth cleaning.

What to expect from a visit to a hygienist?

People usually like to perform a comprehensive exam when they visit a dental hygienist. During a checkup, an expert can perform some of these procedures:

  • Oral cancer screening during which a dentist will check your lips, face, tongue, neck, tissues, throat, and gums for any signs of cancer.
  • During a gum evaluation, a hygienist will assess the bones and gums, checking if everything’s ok and if there are any symptoms of gum disease.
  • An x-ray exam is a great way to see if there are any cysts, tumors, decay, or bone loss. The procedure can also help by establishing if your teeth and roots are in a proper place.
  • A dentist can also see if you need to do some restorative treatments. This includes checking fillings, bridges, crowns, and everything else.

Performing a professional dental cleaning

During a professional dental cleaning, a registered hygienist will perform several procedures on your teeth, including:

  • Removal of tartar or calculus from your teeth. This is a hard substance that has been accumulating on the tooth surface. It can appear both below and above the gum line, and you need special instruments to remove it.
  • During plaque removal, a hygienist will remove sticky, invisible matter that appears on your teeth. This is actually a combination of food, saliva, and bacteria. The microbes are especially troublesome as they lead to cavities and gum diseases
  • Teeth polishing is a process that should eliminate all the remaining stains and plaque that weren’t removed with previously-mentioned procedures.

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