How To Encourage Your Child To Brush?

How To Encourage Your Child To Brush?

December 1, 2021

Do not consider yourself isolated if confronted by challenges brushing your child’s teeth. Pediatric dentists frequently receive questions about brushing baby teeth relating to when, how, and what techniques to use to encourage children to brush. If you have a similar situation, you benefit by seeking help from children’s dentistry in Brandon and learning how to care for your child’s oral health.

The Brandon dentist advises parents to clean the baby’s mouth earlier than expected. You may not realize that tooth decay starts soon after your child’s first tooth erupts through their gums. Therefore, it is vital to make good oral hygiene habits a part of your child’s daily routine from an early age to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy. Below are some tips on dealing with the situation confronting you.

When To Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

You can’t think of brushing your child’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste until the first tooth erupts by the age of one. However, you must clean your baby’s gums daily with a soft washcloth starting a few days after birth. When you clean the baby’s gums, it helps ensure that by the time your child’s first tooth erupts, they are accustomed to regular mouth cleanings.

You may confront another challenge in determining when your child’s first tooth is emerging because teething in children is not similar among everyone. However, you must clean decay-causing bacteria from your child’s mouth every day by wiping their gums as a safeguard to protect the emerging first tooth until it becomes apparent that the tooth has erupted and needs brushing.

When to Begin Brushing Your Child’s Teeth?

As a parent, you may be unsure when to begin brushing baby teeth. You may even have questions on how to brush baby teeth, and the optimal way to find answers to your questions is to visit a pediatric dentist for advice on the subject.

Brushing your child’s tooth begins as soon as it erupts. Plaque begins accumulating on the baby tooth surface, causing tooth decay. Therefore you must start brushing your child’s teeth soon after you notice the first tooth soon after erupting. Babies are challenging to manage and can refuse to let you inside their mouths. If your child doesn’t like brushing and creates a stir every time they notice a toothbrush, do not consider it an invitation to wait for more time until your child doesn’t mind brushing.

On the contrary, it is crucial to establish and maintain an oral healthcare regimen to keep your child’s mouth healthy and prevent severe infections. You must consider that brushing is essential as changing your child’s soiled diapers. You must ensure your child’s mouth is clean and free from infections, even if it means confronting the challenge head-on.

What Can You Do When Your Child Resists to Brush?

What if your child refuses to brush whenever you try to get the toothbrush in their mouths? Fortunately, kid’s dental care suggests some techniques to help you provide your child with the oral care needed.

  • Whenever possible, two adults from the family can sit facing each other, use the knee to knee technique, and lay the child infant down on their back with the head resting on one adult’s lap with their legs on the other adult’s lap.
  • The adult with the child’s head on their lap can use one hand to lift the infant slips gently to expose the teeth and try brushing the teeth with the other hand.
  • The second adult should concentrate on comforting and distracting the child by gently holding their hands as a preventive measure to keep the infant from grabbing the toothbrush.

If you don’t have anyone to help, do not think about leaving the task for later but try to manage the brushing yourself by placing the child’s head on your lap and using one hand to raise their lips and the other to brush their teeth.

If your child’s baby molars haven’t erupted, try a finger between their gums to help keep their mouths open for brushing.

Caring for your child’s oral health is crucial to ensure they develop healthy teeth and have a beautiful smile throughout their lives. If you find it challenging to encourage your child to Brush, why not schedule an appointment with Smiles of Canada — Brandon for comprehensive education on this subject. The dental facility provides all information you need on making your child enthusiastic about brushing to maintain their oral health in excellent condition.

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