How Should I Recognize I Need Emergency Tooth Extraction?

How Should I Recognize I Need Emergency Tooth Extraction?

March 1, 2022

When you are involved in an accident involving your mouth and teeth, you must visit a specialist to ensure your oral health remains in prime condition. The specialist might be the emergency dentist near me, who you always avoided for reasons unknown. Emergency tooth extractions may be required in situations involving severe cracks, breaks, pain, or other issues that need emergency attention.

Knowing whether you need to have a tooth removed during an emergency can be challenging given the advances in dental and endodontic treatment. However, if you are in a difficult situation, you can help yourself by reading this article, providing tips on recognizing that you need an emergency tooth removal.

Dental Trauma

Experts think the most familiar reasons for needing tooth removal are trauma, crowding, or infections. However, when matters related to traumatic injuries are concerned, the most common are sports-related. The treatment for the condition depends on the location, the severity of the damage, and the kind of trauma. For example, if you have a cracked front tooth with the fracture extending below the gum line, you will not benefit from any treatments, but tooth removal will undoubtedly help your oral health.

If you were involved in an accident, the Gander family dentist would take x-rays to determine whether a decade’s prognosis bodes well and try to save it. However, if the tooth is severely affected, the best approach to safeguard your oral health is to extract the tooth.

After you and your dentist have considered all options, an emergency tooth extraction may become necessary to prevent decay, discomfort, and damage.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

If you have advanced periodontal disease with deep pockets of bone decay beyond 5 mm, saving your tooth becomes challenging. In such cases, your dentist refers you to a periodontist for a consultation to determine the severity of the infection and alleviate pain from further decay. If the treatment doesn’t provide relief, an emergency tooth extraction becomes necessary.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are pus-filled spots resulting from an infection inside your tooth. Dental abscesses are mysterious because they can remain in your mouth for several months without you realizing it. A dental abscess doesn’t heal by itself. On the contrary, the infection causes pain and spreads to the neighbouring teeth. If your dentist cannot preserve your tooth by performing root canal therapy, they might recommend an emergency tooth extraction.

Excessive Tooth Decay

Cavities become painful when they expand to expose a nerve. You may wonder why your dentist recommends tooth removal instead of root canal therapy to prevent the pain you experience. Root canal treatments are appropriate when you have infections in the dental pulp, and a specialist can remove the soft center of your tooth to preserve it. However, if you have excessive tooth decay, which you left untreated for long, the infection impacts the integrity of the root, making it better to have the tooth extracted.

Besides the above, sometimes, you may experience persistent infections in a tooth even after undergoing root canals. The recurring pain you experience merits an extraction from your dentist.

When to Go for the Dentist?

It would be best if you visited your dentist every six months for cleanings and exams when they can detect any issues and recommend suitable treatments. The Canadian Dental Association recommends six-monthly dental visits for everyone to care for their oral and overall health. Unfortunately, recognizing the signs indicating you need emergency tooth extraction is a challenge you will find difficult to overcome. Therefore whenever you experience any trauma to your tooth, notice a dental abscess, or have excessive tooth decay with pain, the optimal approach is to go to the dentist and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Are Home Remedies Suitable to Avoid Emergency Tooth Extractions?

Home remedies are best used for minor toothaches and injuries when you cannot get to your regular dentist for treatments. Unfortunately, emergency tooth extractions don’t respond to home remedies and will continue causing more damage to your teeth and mouth unless you have the tooth extracted promptly.

Looking at your teeth can make you think your tooth is acceptable and doesn’t require emergency removal. However, do you realize even experienced dental professionals don’t merely look at your teeth and recommend removal but examine the tooth thoroughly, taking x-rays and using other tools at their disposal before suggesting a treatment option best suited for your oral and overall health? Therefore if you need a tooth removed in an emergency, don’t consider compromising your dental health but adhere to the advice of your dentist.

Emergency tooth extractions become necessary on occasions but are challenging to determine. If you experience any dental trauma, severe infections, or a dental abscess, please contact Smiles of Canada — Gander to decide whether or not you need an emergency tooth removal.

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